What makes Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Different?

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The processes which measure an organization’s cybersecurity maturity and hygiene are included in the CMMC. Similarly, a third-party auditor rather than self-attestation will be verifying that the required cybersecurity policies and capabilities connected with the CMMC practices have been executed, that they are made use of, and that they are effective. The alternatives such as a plan to alleviate the risk or a plan of actions and milestones are no longer acceptable. Government vendors and contractors must implement all necessary CMMC practices and processes in order to achieve CMMC certification. CMMC compliance is an excellent way to get the certification.

Not just the C3PAO audit for accreditation, but CMMC cost consists of numerous components. To stay observant in its aftermath and to prepare for that event, businesses must also account for the necessary efforts. The business may incur soft and hard costs such as dedicating their security and IT personnel, building new policies, acquiring security software and hardware, and implementing the cybersecurity capabilities related to CMMC’s practices continuously at any of the certification levels they need accreditation.

These activities and the associated costs are not trivial to any company. Several SMBs have minimal knowledge and infrastructure regarding cybersecurity, which results in making CMMC a challenge for them. Organizations that take care of Controlled Unclassified Information and who already are familiar with the DFARS clause 252.204-7012 also face difficulties regarding cost, although the 110 security controls of NIST 800-171 are incorporated in the third level of the CMMC process for a couple of reasons. Which are:

•             There are three new processes and 20 new practices in the third level of CMMC.

•             Members of the Defense Industrial Base compliant are considered by DFARS 7012 when they self-validate; all the 110 NIST 800-171 are complied with or have POA&Ms.

All the DoD supply chain members must start their journey quickly because of the various activities needed to get ready for CMMC certification and the related effort, time, and cost of these activities. Businesses should consider an additional, little more opaque cost, the cost of delay, and its effect on calculating CMMC ROI.

CMMC cybersecurity is the need of organizations these days. The cost of not getting CMMC certification soon will be going above and beyond the DoD’s contractual requirements and cutting the core of many businesses. CMMC helps you to reduce risks, and it is helping to reduce your cyber threats. Why would an organization not want to protect its IP? If this does not make CMMC accreditation compelling enough for your organization, you should remember that by the end of the year 2026, in each DoD request for proposal, CMMC will be included. The organization will miss on multiple revenue opportunities and cannot work on contracts if they do not have the right level of CMMC certification. These organizations may be sidelined before the CMMC roll-out gets completed. Prime contractors and other upstream contractors prefer to work with organizations that have invested in CMMC and shown their commitment to reducing cybersecurity risk.